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Custom tab control help and making controls
I'm fairly new to the Visual Basic language, and even newer to making controls controls. I followed Brandino's instructions on making your own version of controls and making .dlls.

What my issue is, is I tried to make a class library (seperate from a project) and tried to do Inherits TabControl. It didn't work like a class built in a project, however. Do I have to use something like 'Inherits System.Blah.TabControk'? How would that work?

Also, how could I make them look like the Google Chrome tabs?

Thanks for any if you who help.
Also, sorry if the question was hard to understand...
What you would like to do can be done with coding a theme. A theme is probably a lot more advanced than you think and people spend hours upon hours creating them, sometimes even days. You could make your own by getting "Aeonhack's theme base" you can find this on Google or HackForums. From there add a class to your project and make a region to contain the theme base. Minimize the region so it doesnt get in your way, then you could make a new line that contains this bellow it:

Class CustomTabControl

Inherits TabControl154

End Class

and from their its probably a couple hundred lines to make a really nice tab control. I am working on one at the moment that is animated and slides and it has around 300 lines... So you have your work cut out for you I guess. If you dont wanna do that you could always use the default components.
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on the link above can help you achieve it But i think you will have to re-do the coding in order to get it like gchrome
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To answer your original question you have to add a refrerence to System.Windows.Forms and then you can inherit the tab control

As for making it look like Google Chrome... well just folow the posts above from Xolara and Ecnarf
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