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PK3 Explorer/DMD/MD2 Converter (New Version)

I have been working on one of my old projects and have add and improved it a little. I have added an PK3 Explorer. All info below.

PK3 Explorer

Allows you too create/open PK3 files to add or remove files. View textures from inside the PK3 file in the 'Texture Viewer' without having to extract the PK3 file first.
You can also open standard zip files.

Texture Viewer

Allows you to View the texture of the model. You can also save or load/add new textures.

I am planning on adding more features to the Texture Viewer to allow you to change the size of the texture and the ability to edit the textures.

Supports the following OS's - Windows 7 Windows 8

PK3 Explorer & Dmd/Md2 Converter release notes. 21/10/2014

DMD/Md2 Converter Update.


Added option to choose between converting from Dmd to Md2 or Md2 to Dmd. (The original version didn't convert from Md2 to Dmd.)

Fixed a couple of bugs.


PK3 Explorer update. V1.0

Fixed extraction of files & Folders ...... didn't extract folders.

Added custom compression Level for zip files.

Fixed a few other bugs.


Texture Viewer.

Added ability to load and add new textures to PK3 files.


There is only an x86 version at the moment.



Please post any comments/bugs/improvements/Wish List



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