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Open Zip files into a listview box

I'm working on my DMD To MD2 Converter program o add more features to it.

One of them is to open a zip file and list the contents into a listview box and allow the user to select any files to extract.

I've searched around but couldn't find what im looking for.

Thank you for you help.

In order to unzip files, you can use a premade open source library. A quick google search returned DotNetZip found here:
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As far as adding things into the listview, you would just for-loop through each extracted item and then add it to the list view. I think the more challenging part would be implementing the actual unzipping process. The aforementioned library should definitely help.
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Hi brandonio21

Thank you for your reply. I managed to find DotNetZip, just having a mess with it.

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