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Auto-generating Drop Menus from User Input
I was hoping someone could help me with this. I am semi-experienced in coding, but I'll let you know if I don't understand something.

I want to make the drop down menus under the menu strip buttons have traits/names based on previously entered information from text boxes.

I'm trying to make a trading system for a game. So under the Trade tab, I would like it to list the names of the players that are entered manually in separate text boxes beforehand. Then, in each name, have the submenus generated by other previously entered information.

I hope this is explained well enough.

Thanks to all who reply! (If you need images, just request them)

I can help u if u are more specific.Send photo plss.Do u want it online or offline?If u want it online u will have to work alot.If u want it offline it will be easy like 10 lines of code.So be more specific.U can make the drop menu using a panel and saving the info using
My.Settings.String = TextBox1.Text
<!-- s:ugeek: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_ugeek.gif" alt=":ugeek:" title="Uber Geek" /><!-- s:ugeek: -->
If Life.Text = "Live" Then
Happy.Visible = True
Happy.Visible = False
End If
Tracer, you may be making this more complicated than it needs to be. Instead of using settings, you can just use a button (the login button, perhaps) to add the players' names to the combobox using something like:

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