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The forum is a mess - Let's fix it.
Hey guys! I hope we're all doing well!

So I recently ran into a bunch of errors regarding an anti-spam mod I have been using for a bit. It turns out, my knowledge of phpBB is so minimal that updating the plugin(mod) caused the forum to die.

Well, this caused me to look into the forum's mySQL and FTP structures. They are a catastrophe.

Several years of uneducated modification has ruined the structure of the forum - so I am going to have to fix it. I am going to start by uninstalling all mods and starting from scratch. Keep in mind, users, posts, pictures, files, and all of our precious data shouldn't go anywhere. I will also be making regular backups.

With that being said, if you experience any forum downtime in the next few weeks - do not be alarmed! It is intentional! (More or less)

But - Do you guys have any suggestions for improvements for the forum? Theme suggestions? Ranking suggestions? Feature suggestions? Anything at all? Your contribution is much appreciated!

*Sorry for the crazy English - I am very tired.
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