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How to put buttons in the non-client area?
So, I am starting to work on a new project. What I'm planning on doing is to save space on my navigation area so I want to put the options menu in the non-client area (The area where the title and close buttons are, in case I'm not using the right term)
How would I do this?
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You want to put buttons on the "frame" or "chrome" of the application, correct? Where the close, maximize, and minimize buttons are?

This sounds like a lot of fun. But I don't know how one would do this.
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Yes, kind of like the Firefox button and tabs are in that area. With my social media interrogation app (Not sure if that's the correct term...) I'd like to put buttons leading to the 'Post' or 'Tweet' option, to save space for viewing posts.
Ah, I see what you mean. After doing some research, I couldn't really find any resources that document exactly what you're looking for. I think the closest you may get is a ToolStrip
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Well after a 10 minutes research i came up with a solution to your problem. The thing is that it is imposible to draw buttons on the title bar but it is posible to turn your client area in a title bar complete with minimize/maximize/close buttons. As this is a web research and not somethig i came up with i will just post the link and maybe you will understand better what i mean.
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