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Listbox items text and text boxes?
Ok, I have I have a list box, kryptonListBox1, and a text box textBoxX1. I want to get the selected item in the listbox's text into the text box. My code is:

textBoxX1.Text = kryptonListBox1.SelectedItem.ToString

I've tried using .Text.ToString, but with both I get the error 'Object reference not set to instance of an object'

What am I doing wrong and what's the easiest way to fix it?
Also, to clear something up, when it's using .Text.ToString, it says 'Object variable or With block variable not set'
The code you are using should work fine but just in case try with the code below:

[code2=vbnet]TextBox1.Text = KryptonListBox1.SelectedItems.Item(0).ToString[/code2]

Try using break points and trace the error because the problem is not with the code you're using. Also try to use a try/catch block and see if that corects the problem by ignoring it.

For further help please provide more info like what kind off error it is , where exactly are you using the code and so on..
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As Snake_eyes suggested (Thanks!), this code should definitely work. The error may be appearing due to the fact that a valid item is not actually being selected. You can try to make sure an item is being selected by checking first, like so:
[code2=vbnet]If Not (kryptonListBox1.SelectedItem Is Nothing) Then
textBoxX1.Text = kryptonListBox1.SelectedItem.ToString
End If[/code2]
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