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I need you brandonio
hey guys i just watch the 2nd tutorial on youtube about the implementation of MySQL to Visual Basic and it seems that i am having problem with the

data2 = command2.ExecuteReader

the error point out the two
when i try to test if the duplication of the username
also if i try to insert a new data

btw this is my code

[code2=vbnet]Private Sub cmdReg_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdReg.Click
conn = New MySqlConnection("host=localhost; uid=root; pwd=root; database=mydatabase")

Dim Username As Boolean = True
Dim mystr As String = "SELECT * FROM tbluser WHERE Username = '" & txtUser.Text & "';"
Dim mydr As MySqlDataReader
Dim myda As New MySqlDataAdapter
Dim mycmd As New MySqlCommand
mycmd.CommandText = mystr
mycmd.Connection = conn
myda.SelectCommand = mycmd
mydr = mycmd.ExecuteReader
While mydr.Read
If mydr.HasRows = True Then
MsgBox("Username Already exsist! Please choose another username.")
Username = False
Username = True
End If
End While
If Username = True Then
Dim mystr2 As String = "INSERT INTO tbluser (FirstName, LastName, Contact#, Username, Password)VALUES ('" & txtUF.Text & "','" & txtUL.Text & "','" & txtUC.Text & "','" & txtUser.Text & "','" & txtPass.Text & "')"
Dim mydr2 As MySqlDataReader
Dim myda2 As New MySqlDataAdapter
Dim mycmd2 As New MySqlCommand
mycmd2.CommandText = mystr2
mycmd2.Connection = conn
myda2.SelectCommand = mycmd2
mydr2 = mycmd2.ExecuteReader
MsgBox("You've Registered!")
End If
End Sub
End Class[/code2]

i dont know how to write a proper topic on forums so sorry for if i made a mistake posting topics and please brandonio(awesome name but anyway)
i need your help, man.
Welcome to BP Forums! Thanks for your comments.

In order to better serve you, could we get the exact text of the error and exact line that the error appears on? If this is not applicable, could we get an exact description of the problem you are having?
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