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VB 2008 VS vb 2010
I am teaching VB 2008 at a university and they are changing up VB 2010. Is there a simple tutorial or list that can tell me the differences?

I don't need a tutorial on VB, just the differences.
The difference isnt big but it has some minor more functionalities etc

So i guess if you want to save the trouble of downloading 2010 i guess you can...
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The most obvious difference is a new user interface written in WPF.

Other features include better support for addins, a new language F#. It also has better intellisense.

Also support for .NET Framework 4.0

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The major difference between Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 is the use of .NET Framework 4.0, which includes several new libraries such as Dynamics.

Of course, I have no idea how to use Dynamics, but, I'm sure it is useful somehow.

But other than that, nothing else has really changed besides the design... Good luck!
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Is VB 2010 worth downloading? i have been using VB 2008 and it seems to have all of the capabilities that i would need. But are there any major changes that I should know about?
One of the biggest differences between 2008 and 2010 is the use of .NET 4.0. Today, however, I think it is a better question of whether or not you should be upgrading to Visual Studio 2012. Either way, use whatever you like to use! Visual Basic 2008 is definitely the fastest out of the three, and if you've had no problems with it, stick with it!
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