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[SOLVED]Computer starts with only black screen.
I have a compaq presario tower at my house that never seemed to work like it should.
But one day, I was browsing Hp's website for driver updates for my computer, and noticed that a BIOS update was available. So I downloaded this update and everything seemed to run fine.
However, when I restarted my computer, the screen stayed completely black. And during this time the fans were going crazy. I had no idea what was going on since my monitor just held a black screen, so now I cannot start my computer.

Do you guys know any solution to this problem, or maybe how to return the BIOS to its original factory state?
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can u format your computer and try reinstall windows ??
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Well, I tried reformatting, but to no avail
I did some research and figured out that nothing was being displayed on my screen due to the lack of a functioning Video Card, so I bought a cheap one off eBay and now the computer works great.

So apparently, the update I did to the bios destroyed the video card. I don't know how this happened. But anyway, thanks for the help Xolara!
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