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  What devices drive your day?
Posted by: brandonio21 - 08-01-2014, 09:23 AM - Forum: Computing - No Replies

After getting off the subway today and having someone comment on my Pebble watch, I was curious, what kind of devices do you guys use throughout your day that may not be used by the general public?

Here are some devices I use:

  • Pebble Smartwatch
  • Nexus 7 Tablet

At home, I also use:
  • Google Chromecast

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  NullReferenceException when adding item to generic list
Posted by: brco900033 - 04-17-2014, 11:28 AM - Forum: Programming Help - Replies (1)

I have a little problem that I can't seem to solve.
When I try to add a value (integer) to a generic list (of integer), I always get a NullReferenceException.

This is my code:
[code2=vbnet]Dim listIndexes As List(Of Integer) = Nothing
For Each i As ListViewItem In Me.listKeys.Items
For Each i2 As ListViewItem In Me.listKeys.Items
If i.Text = i2.Text Then
listIndexes.Add(i.Index) 'The error persists here: NullReferenceException
listIndexes.Add(i2.Index) 'and propably an error here too
End If
Me.SelectKeys(listIndexes) 'This line just selects the items in the listview[/code2]

I've discovered that the index of these two items in the listview are both zero.

Hope someone can help,

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  multiple csv files add sql server tables via VB.NET
Posted by: secilsengul - 04-14-2014, 01:02 PM - Forum: Programming Help - Replies (1)

How can i multiple csv files import to database table with VB.NET ? This an important for me. Pls help

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  Draw on JPanel
Posted by: yomarius95 - 04-10-2014, 03:55 AM - Forum: Programming Help - Replies (1)

Can someone explaine to me how to draw on JPanel?
I want to make the snake game a runnable jar.

Here is the Project archive.


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  Help with inventory application
Posted by: jyancy2 - 04-01-2014, 01:11 PM - Forum: VB.NET (Visual Basic 2010/2008) - Replies (1)

Hello, I'm having a hard time trying to get a certain part of my code to work. I have created an inventory application that displays system info prints software specs and hardware as well, of all computers on my domain. So far I have a list-box that populates on load of all the computers on my network, and now I would like to select a computer and display all system info in one tab and software in another tab and so on. Being a newbie sucks! I have researched and researched please help. I have a class called OSINfo that I'm trying to use to get the info but Im not able to call to to the class.

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Posted by: mchfphr - 03-28-2014, 12:53 PM - Forum: Java - Replies (1)

Hey everyone,

I've firstly started programming in C, and in C there's a great website that displays all of the basic libraries you can use, and covers all the parameters and examples of usage for any basic function(method) - http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/.

Basically I'm looking for a similar website for java, I want to know about what functions can be found so I can look into the options available in Java.

Thanks in advance,

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  Making a random int
Posted by: mustafa6155 - 03-23-2014, 03:52 AM - Forum: Programming Help - Replies (1)

Hello I've got this code, and I hope you can help me out a little bit.
[code2=java]import java.util.Random;
public class objectIntro {

public static void main(String[] args)
String a = "blabla";
String b = "lala";
Random weight = new Random();
//Random rnd = new Random();
//System.out.println("The weight is: " + rnd.weight(100));
if(weight <= 55)
System.out.println(b + "is slimmer then: "+ a);
}else if(weight >= 80)
System.out.println(a + " is fatter then: "+ b);



So what does not work?
I want to make the weight int. random and later it can show who is fatter/smaller.
Like the output:

The weight it: (random generated) 83
blabla is fatter then lala

please help me.

- mustafa6155

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  Program That will Help School
Posted by: jonaskie231 - 02-23-2014, 08:05 PM - Forum: VB.NET (Visual Basic 2010/2008) - Replies (1)

hi Guys can you help me what program that will help my school tnx <!-- sSmile --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt="Smile" title="Smile" /><!-- sSmile -->

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  Auto-generating Drop Menus from User Input
Posted by: MadManMallard - 01-26-2014, 04:56 PM - Forum: Programming Help - Replies (2)

I was hoping someone could help me with this. I am semi-experienced in coding, but I'll let you know if I don't understand something.

I want to make the drop down menus under the menu strip buttons have traits/names based on previously entered information from text boxes.

I'm trying to make a trading system for a game. So under the Trade tab, I would like it to list the names of the players that are entered manually in separate text boxes beforehand. Then, in each name, have the submenus generated by other previously entered information.

I hope this is explained well enough.

Thanks to all who reply! (If you need images, just request them)


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  Java Programming Tutorials
Posted by: dmcnic - 01-25-2014, 10:04 AM - Forum: Your Things - Replies (1)

I thought to drop Brandon a line that his Java programming tutorials on YouTube have been recommended for a class I am taking. We were surprised when our professor mentioned that Java was "kind of" a prerequisite for the class and passed along a link to BP videos. I'm through the first 12 and am quite pleased with how they are getting me into the language after more than 15 years away from it. Between the videos and Eclipse, I have more confidence that I thought possible after just one week.

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