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Hangman in Rust
After about a year hiatus, I have decided to come back to Rust. When I was learning it previously, I wrote "rustic tac toe"

This time around, I decided to write a very simple Hangman game. It isn't anything special, but when you write your first few programs in a new language, they feel special. I just wanted to share the program with you guys Smile

I have attached the output of git-archive for your perusal. 

.zip (Size: 146.69 KB / Downloads: 198)

I have also attached the standalone binaries (Compiled on ArchLinux 4.4.5-1). 

.zip (Size: 821.25 KB / Downloads: 200)

Don't be shy to check it out, but also don't be shy to offer criticism! I am still new when it comes to Rust.
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