Forum Announcement: Welcome to the new BP Forums!
BP Forums has been through a series of good times and bad times. Honestly, a lot of its bad times are my fault. To begin, the original design of BPForums (originally called was completely atrocious. The rebranding of into BPForums helped a lot. A beautiful new design paired with an optimistic attitude meant that everyone could get along - and they did; however, there were incessant server problems and many come-and-go members. This led to a less-than-optimal experience.

With that being said, BP Forums was recently migrated to a new server host and has new server managers. Because of this, most server issues should be resolved. Inspired by the changes brought about by the server migration, I have also moved the forums onto new software - myBB. This software seems to be cleaner, run smoother, and have only a little of the excess-code-mess that phpBB had. Overall, I think this is a great move.

When migrating the forums, I moved all of the posts from the old BPForums into the "archive" category, so that the old topics can still be read and posted to; however, I also created a brand new forum structure that I am hoping will be utilized to start brand new discussions. The overall branding of the forum also reflects the 2014+ BrandonioProductions branding, which is great. All old user accounts have also been imported. If you have any problems logging in, feel free to shoot me an email and we will get everything resolved. I look forward to the future of BPForums.

Hopefully this is a pleasant experience for everyone and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to speak up!