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RunAsAdmin - brandonio21 - 09-28-2015

It was pointed out by a viewer of my original RunAsAdmin video that the files for RunAsAdmin have seemed to disappear from the web. I am putting them here for public access. If you are a viewer of the aforementioned video, the file that is of interest to you is "RunAsAdmin.zip", available here: [attachment=141]

If you are a developer, you may download the source package here: [attachment=142]

RE: RunAsAdmin - MFprogrammer - 03-15-2016


After using your files I get the following errors, no matter what I try I just can't solve it.

Please see the attached files for further information about this issue.

- Mickey

RE: RunAsAdmin - brandonio21 - 04-15-2016

Hey @MFprogrammer! Thanks for reporting these issues. Unfortunately, I don't have time to look into it now, but the source code is available for you to fix and compile yourself.

If I ever get the free time, I'll see if I can fix the issue.